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The Snorkel, Boris Grinsson

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Artist   Boris Grinsson - View Bio
Title   The Snorkel
Date Of Work   1958
Dimensions   47 x 63 inch (French)
Notes   Museum linen backed.
This is another of the underrated and seldom seen suspense films that Hammer put out in the late 1950's, early 60's. It has sort of a Colombo flavor to it as we see the sinister Van Eyck very creatively murdering his wife in the opening scenes and spending the rest of the film attempting to convince a suspicious niece that he is innocent. It is a very atmospheric black and white film, a media which should be taken advantage of more even today as a tool to establish mood. Van Eyck is superb as the villain and the supporting cast is first rate. The Snorkel is not really a classic but is solid and holds up fairly well after almost half a century.
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