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Cruwell- Tabak  Crüwell- Mekka, Anonymous Artists

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Artist   Anonymous Artists - View Bio
Title   Cruwell- Tabak Crüwell- Mekka
Date Of Work   1949
Dimensions   23" x 33"
Notes   Linen backed original. German poster for Cruwell Mekka tobacco. Lithograph. Certificate of Authenticity at time of purchase.
Das Crüwell Tabakhaus blickt als "älteste Tabakfabrik der Welt" auf eine lange Historie zurück. Bereits 1705 veredelten die Gebrüder Crüwell das aromatische Gewächs aus der neuen Welt.
Cruwell tobacco looks like the oldest tobacco house in the 'new world'. Established in 1705; this company has created fine tobacco products for over 300 years.
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