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There's Room For You ENLIST TO-DAY, W. A. Fry

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Artist   W. A. Fry - View Bio
Title   There's Room For You ENLIST TO-DAY
Date Of Work   1915
Dimensions   20 x 30
Notes   Linen backed rare original British World War 1 vintage poster. 'There's room for you ENLIST to-day." Published by the parliamentary recruiting committe, london. Poser No. 122. Printed by Wm. Strain & Sons Ltd., Belfast; and 104 High Holborn, London, W. C. Very good condition mounted on linen which has been trimmed to the edge of the poster.
Depicts a group of British infantry departing in a maroon train. One soldier is gesturing to the viewer to join him as he enters the train. The other soldiers are gathered around, leaning out windows, and crowded around the door and are also staring at the viewer. An elderly man stands in the right foreground of the image, with his back turned to us. He is waving his hat in farewell at the men on the train. The image is placed against a khaki background. The text is in black bordered white letters.
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