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James Bond 007

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Artist   Anonymous Artists - View Bio
Title   James Bond 007 "Doctor No" Dr. No
Date Of Work   c. 1970
Dimensions   47 x 63 inch (French)
Notes   Linen backed French grade James Bond 007 'Dr. No' original movie poster. Original fold marks removed. Undated (probably 1970s) Re-Release Vintage Theatrical Folded French One-Panel "Grande" Movie Poster

Dr. No is the first film in the James Bond film series, and thus the first to star Sean Connery as Bond. Released in 1962 in the U. K. it introduced the first Bond girl as well as the first eccentric Bond villain. "The first James Bond film adventure!"; "JAMES BOND, his code 007"; "The double '0' means he has a license to kill when he chooses... Where he chooses... Whom he chooses!"; "He developed the technique of love to an art... the art of murder to a science"; "Now he is a flesh and blood experience on the screen!"; based on the novels by Ian Fleming) starring Sean Connery ("as James Bond"), Ursula Andress (as Honey Ryder), Joseph Wiseman (in the title role "as Dr. No"), Jack Lord, Bernard Lee (as M), John Kitzmiller, Eunice Gayson, Lois Maxwell (as Miss Moneypenny), Reggie Carter, Zena Marshall, and Marthe Keller.
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