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GUNMEN OF RIO GRANDE, Anonymous Artists

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Artist   Anonymous Artists - View Bio
Date Of Work   1965
Dimensions   27 x 41.5
Notes   Original linen backed: GUNMEN OF RIO GRANDE 1sh '65 Guy Madison, sweeping drama of the untamed west! NSS: 65/235.
Desafio en Rio Bravo (released in the U.S. as "Gunmen of Rio Grande" or "Gunmen of the Rio Grande" and as "Duel at Rio Bravo"), the 1965 Tulio Demicheli Spanish/French/Italian Texas outlaw cowboy spaghetti western ("It meant something when you heard a man say, 'The law is not just a matter of opinion, it's Wyatt Earp!'"; "A sweeping drama of the untamed West!") starring Guy Madison ("as Wyatt Earp"), Madeleine LeBeau, Carolyn Davys, Fernando Sancho, Gerard Tichy, Oliver Hussenot, and Massimo Serato.
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Inventory Number   12895