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This is ELVIS - 1 sheet U. S., Anonymous Artists

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Artist   Anonymous Artists - View Bio
Title   This is ELVIS - 1 sheet U. S.
Date Of Work   1981
Dimensions   25.25 x 40"
Notes   Original "This is Elvis" 1981 vintage movie poster done on special reflective foil. This poster was not folded. This is Elvis, the 1981 Malcolm Leo & Andrew Solt rock & roll (rock 'n' roll) music biographical documentary about Elvis Presley ("The sound he created and performed. The rare personal films never before seen by the public. The private moments. The public triumphs. Intimate memories and reflections in his own words.") starring Elvis Presley, Andrea Cyrill, Debbie Edge, David Scott, Johnny Harra, and Furry Lewis. Note that this poster was never folded. Most movie posters from before 1980 were machine folded immediately after printing, but a very few were left unfolded. An unfolded poster from before 1980 is almost always far more difficult to find than a folded poster of the same title. (the line across the lips is from the reflection of the foil.)

keywords: Original U. S. One sheet movie poster, film poster, Elvis, one sheet rolled movie poster.
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