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Cunard M. V.

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Artist   Samuel John Milton Brown - View Bio
Title   Cunard M. V. "Britannic"
Date Of Work   1930's
Dimensions   18.5 x 27.75
Notes   RMS Britannic was an ocean liner of the White Star Line, the company's third ship to bear the name. She was built by Harland & Wolff in Belfast. She was launched on 6 August 1929. Like her running mate RMS Georgic, Britannic was a motorship powered by diesel engines. She measured 26,943 gross tons and was 712 feet (217 m) long. At the time of her launch she was the largest British-built motor liner. These two would be the only White Star motorships. Britannic was a popular passenger liner, as she represented what was then the latest in interior Art Deco decor and furnishings, as well as the "Motor Cabin Ship" style, which featured squat smokestacks and a sleek profile. The ship was delivered to White Star Line in 1930 and ran the Liverpool to New York cruise line. In 1934 when the White Star merged with Cunard Line; the new ship's route was changed to London to New York. During WWII; the ship was used as a troop transport ship. Linen backed. Excellent condition.
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