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French West Africa Air France, Albert Brenet

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Artist   Albert Brenet - View Bio
Title   French West Africa Air France
Date Of Work   1950
Dimensions   35.5 x 39"
Notes   Original Air France "French West Africa" vintage travel poster. Linen backed, excellent condition. A local tribe man and son are in a dug out canoe pushing along a river with a leopard. In the upper right hand you can see an old Air France prop plane heading back to France.
Brenet accomplishes many voyages and reports of his travels many of which went on to appear in his posters for shipping companies. Member of the Salon des Artistes Français, Brenet displays in 1945 to the Show of the Navy (Salon de la Marine) and, in Oran, the fifth Show of the Painters of the Sea (Salon des Peintres de la Mer).

In 1936 Brenet became the official artist for the French Air France and the Navy for which he was later awarded the Légion d'honneur". Printed by Imp. Perceval, Paris 1949.
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