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Les Clowns, Ferracci

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Artist   Ferracci - View Bio
Title   Les Clowns
Date Of Work   1971
Dimensions   14.25 x 19.25
Notes   Original linen backed Les Clowns, created by Federico Fellini, poster by Ferracci. This is the Belgium format size original movie poster.

Fellini considered ringmaster as an alternate career - here he's a mesmerized MC sharing his still-intense feelings with his audience. In the first of three segments, as a child, Fellini awakens to the raising of a circus outside his home, and he must explore it. The clowns remind young Federico of strange and terrifying neighbors in his seaside hometown of Rimini, so "The Clowns" recreate a few of them in filmed vignettes. Fellini decides to make a documentary about what happened to the classic jesters of his youth.
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