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Renaissance Pleasure Fair, Earl Newman

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Artist   Earl Newman - View Bio
Title   Renaissance Pleasure Fair
Date Of Work   1965
Dimensions   22.25 x 34.5"
Notes   Hand signed by Earl Newman (dated 19670. The psoter is from 1965. The Pleasure Fair was at Paramount Rand, Calibu Canyon, Malibu California. Main colors are light purple and orage with black and white details.

Through the medium of silk-screen, also known as serigraphy. I've been able to reproduce my designs in volume, usually 100 at a time. It is like having 100 canvases on which to experiment, using different colors of papers and inks, varying the color blends as I go along. Thus, no two prints are alike. As an artist, I've been able to sell my work inexpensively, to communicate and share with others. Unlike mass-produced machine prints, each silk-screen print is made step by step, each color a seperate printing.
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