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Garcon - Une TOPETTE, Jo Roux

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Artist   Jo Roux - View Bio
Title   Garcon - Une TOPETTE
Date Of Work   c. 1930's
Dimensions   12,5 x 19"
Notes   Original cartone Garcon une Topette vin Blanc Extra Superieur. Principal colors in black dark blue and yellow. These cartone images were designed to be inside stores as displays to promote a product. They are mounted on a light cardboard backing to keep them semi rigid to they can be seen either hanging free or on the wall.

Waiter! (Garcon!) One Topette white wine please. Because it is superior to all the others! This little sign was designed to sit behind cash registers or in store windows to remind customers of what they couldn't leave without!

This fun image of a waiter holding a tray with a bottle of Topette white wine is great for a bar, kitchen or area where small art work is required.
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