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Agua de Vilajuga, Leonetto Cappiello

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Artist   Leonetto Cappiello - View Bio
Title   Agua de Vilajuga
Date Of Work   1912
Dimensions   38.5" x 54.25"
Notes   "Delicious mineral water from Vilajuiga" in Spain. Original stone lithograph poster for the mineral water Agua de Vilajuiga (Spain). Great for the stomach, kidneys, and liver. Delicious for the table and the most rich in flavor. A mineral water fit for royalty.
Linen backed. Certificate of Authenticity.
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Vilaju´ga mineral water - Agua de Vilaju´ga - comes from a natural spring in the town of Vilaju´ga in north eastern Catalonia. The poster, published around 1912 to advertise the water in France, is the work of the brilliant Italian designer Leonetto Cappiello. His boldly coloured designs on black made a strong impression on passers-by in the Paris streets
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