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Les Pays du Soleil, F Valet

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Artist   F Valet - View Bio
Title   Les Pays du Soleil
Date Of Work  
Dimensions   15 x 23.5"
Notes   Les Pays du Soleil. The lads of son.
Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain. Linen backed. Around the outer edge of the poster is written Italie; Grece; Portugal; Espangne; Italie -- which would represent the countries where Samaritaine was located.

Ala Samaritaine
The name La Samaritaine ("the Samaritan") comes from a hydraulic pump installed near the Pont Neuf, which operated from 1609 to 1813. The front of the pump featured a gilded bas-relief of the Good Samaritan.

The store is well-known for its rooftop café, which affords excellent views of the city.

The poster a dark yellow background with the European spelling of Italie; Grece, Portugal; Espagne around the outside edge. The center star in the middle has the emblem of Rome with the twins sucking; the rooster; the bull with two picks; and Sagittarius,
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