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Kaysersberg Chemin der Fer, ALO

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Artist   ALO - View Bio
Title   Kaysersberg Chemin der Fer
Date Of Work   c. 1930
Dimensions   24" x 39"
Notes   Chemins de Fer d'Alsace et de Lorraine Kaysersberg. The village of Kayserberg (Alsace) France at night time. The poster glows with the lights coming from the windows and the villagers walk the cobble stone streets wearing typical medieval costumes.
KAYSERSBERG, still further southwest, boasts a fortified bridge and a handsome sixteenth-century wooden altarpiece in the main church. But the town's principal renown is as the birthplace of Nobel Peace Prize winner Albert Schweitzer.
Kaysersberg, a charming small town with streets lined with medieval and 16th century houses; in summer and autumn the courtyards are full of colourful flowers.
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