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Maquette- Feather Costume, Suzy

Artist   Suzy - View Bio
Title   Maquette- Feather Costume
Date Of Work  
Dimensions   9.5 x 13
Notes   Original. Framed; 2 inch Gold Frame, Navy Blue Suede Mat, Golf Filet, Plex. Original Maquette used as the master design to create the lithographic poster. Very similar to Erte's artwork.

Maquette is a French word meaning scale model. Which means what you are viewing is the original concept for a poster created by the artist Suzy, seen is a beautiful brunette in a feathery costume. Her wings consist mainly of dark navy feathers, and a navy cape is draped behind her back; which only make the yellow in her wings, stockings, and shoes stand out even more. She wears headdress made up of fine feathers of a luscious and feminine peach color. Her headdress appears not only to be decoration but hide unclothed chest as well. She makes a stance in her ensemble by holding up her arms to display her plume for all to see.
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