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Mme. Rejane, Leonetto Cappiello

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Artist   Leonetto Cappiello - View Bio
Title   Mme. Rejane
Date Of Work   1898
Dimensions   8 3/4" x 8"
Notes   Original. Mounted on acid free archival linen.

"Cappiello attempted to capture the effervescent quality of Mme. Rejane, one of the top draws of her day. A contemporary and rival of Sarah Bernhardt, Rejane actually Gabrielle Reju (1857-1920), studied acting at the Conservatory, and made her debut at the Theātre de Vaudeville in 1892, she married its director, Mr. Porel. She tackled any kind of role, from light comedies to classic drama, but proved to be at her best in playing women of passion" (Wine Spectator 187)

"In 1898 when he (Leonetto Cappiello) decided to pay a visit to his older brother who happened to be working for the Paris Stock exchange. Leonetto found Paris exciting, and wanted to stay longer, which meant he had to find a way to support himself. He approached two famous compatriots who happened to be in town, actor Novelli and composer Puccini, asked them to let him sketch their caricatures. They obliged, and Cappiello submitted the drawings to the humour magazine "Le Rire" they were promptly accepted, and were so well received by the public that he became, virtually overnight, the favored artist of the Paris Theatre"(Rennert PAI-IX)
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