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They Kept the Sea Lanes Open - (largest), L. A. Shafer

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Artist   L. A. Shafer - View Bio
Title   They Kept the Sea Lanes Open - (largest)
Date Of Work   WWI
Dimensions   40" x 36"
Notes   Original. Mounted on acid free archival linen.

They Kept the Sea Lanes Open - Invest in the Victory Liberty Loan
Artist: L.A. Shaffer
Great image of a submarine that surfaced; apparently damaged submarine (with people on top) in the ocean in front of a warship (flying the U.S. flag) which is protecting a passenger liner (at the left)]

Printed for the fifth and final Liberty Loan, known as the Victory Liberty Loan. A great naval image of three ships on the open sea, one with sailors manning a large gun. A must have for any collector!
Published by W.F. Powers Co. Litho. NY

Excellent condition.
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