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Scandal Sheet, Anonymous Artists

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Artist   Anonymous Artists - View Bio
Title   Scandal Sheet
Date Of Work   1952
Dimensions   27 x 41 inches
Notes   Original linen backed and excellent condition 1952 movie: Scandal Sheet.
The man from "The Mob" is making another killing! "Love Nesters!"
"Shock Slayers!"
"Sensational Seekers!"
The film is based on the novel, "The Dark Page", by Samuel Fuller.
For a great referance on this poster and movie:

Columbia Pictures Corp.
Donna Reed - Julie Allison
Broderick Crawford - Mark Chapman
Rosemary de Camp - Charlotte Grant
Henry O'Neill - Charlie Barnes
Henry Morgan - Biddle
James Millican - Lt. Davis
Griff Barnett - Judge Hacker
Jonathan Hale - Frank Madison
Pierre Watkin - Baxter
Ida Moore - Needle Nellie
Ralph Reed - Joey
Luther Crockett - Jordan
Charles Cane - Heeney
Jay Adler - Bailey
Don Beddoe - Pete
John Derek - Steve McCleary
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