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Matison Lines Hawaii - Festival of the Sea, Eugene Savage

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Artist   Eugene Savage - View Bio
Title   Matison Lines Hawaii - Festival of the Sea
Date Of Work   1952
Dimensions   12" x 21"
Notes   Matison Lines Hawaii - Festival of the Sea

Original. Presented in a 16" x 24" acid free museum mat.
To the Hawaiian of old, fishing was not only a means of livelihood but an art and a sport. In the hukilau it became a joyous, exciting community festival. Several large nets were fastened together to make a huge one...up to a thousand feet in length. It was hauled out from shore in outrigger canoes and spread in a wide semi-circle. Weights along one edge made it sink. This is a 9 color lithograph. The original painting hangs in the Smithsonian Institute as a permanent display.
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